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Membrii Fondatori ai Uniunii Cineaștilor din Moldova 1962

Founded on October 1, 1962, UCM currently brings together almost 200 members from all sectors of film and television.

From its inception until now, the Union's activities have been indirectly determined by the social, economic and political context. After 1990, UCM tried to adapt to new realities and to support the existence of a local cinema, given that there was no film production. UCM has encouraged and encourages any film initiative that respects authenticity, creative freedom and has a responsibility to the truth.

The directions of interest and activity of UCM are: promoting the cinematographic memory, in this case of the valuable production made in the Republic of Moldova so far, supporting Moldovan filmmakers, supporting filmmakers who are no longer professionally active and cultivating society's taste for quality film. .

The purpose of all actions and activities of the Union of Filmmakers of the Republic of Moldova is the formation of a strong, independent cinema deeply rooted in culture.

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