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How can you become a member of UCM?

Representatives of the basic cinematographic professions can become members of UCM, who have made at least three cinematographic works with local or international echo (awards / screenings / participation in festivals, etc.). Representatives of complementary cinematographic professions who, in their professional activity, can also become members of UCM. , contributed to the development of local cinema.

In order to obtain membership, the applicant must be a citizen of the Republic of Moldova. The applicant will submit at the UCM headquarters the following documents: recommendations from 2 UCM members with a minimum of five years of experience (except for the members of the Board of Directors and those of the Censors Commission), Application, Curriculum Vitae, copy of the study diploma, copies of diplomas and the prizes obtained, 2-3 works on DVD, copy of the identity card, 2 3 × 4 photos, and the fee of 100 lei.

The mandatory annual fee is 50 lei.

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